Great article, but I’m not sure if this is correct:

This means a single clap ranges from $0.01 to $5 depending on who is viewing and clapping for your article.

Medium must surely take a portion of the monthly subscription, otherwise wouldn’t make any money at all?

Also the description from Medium themselves suggests that reading time is also a factor:

Partner Program writers are paid every month based on how members engage with stories. Some factors include reading time (how long members spend reading a story) and applause (how much members clap). Each member’s $5 per month subscription is distributed proportionally to the stories that the individual member engaged with that month.

I signed up 11 days ago, and my stats saw an immediate boost of roughly a third (presumably because Medium featured me). I earned $573 during that period, which I’m really pleased with. Since then, my stats have dropped back to roughly their original state.

I’d really like some concrete answers as to how Medium pays, but it’s all very mysterious :(

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