Hey. There is a serious clarity problem with your post. Your post is not clear at all about which part is nonsense and which part does make sense! One may very well leave with the impression that you claim most or even everything to be bogus.

I think I’m communicating that he has some good insights to offer us, in a couple of places:

  1. Peterson has authored or coauthored over 90 peer-reviewed articles on clinical psychology, social psychology, and personality theory, topics on which he’s undoubtedly well-versed, and for which he has every right to throw his hat into the ring.
  2. Peterson’s straight-faced, unerring conviction is of a man who expects to be taken seriously. How is that possible when he spouts such utter bullshit? As a long-practising psychologist with an obviously high IQ, he has great insight to offer the world, but his hogwash pseudoscience just subverts anything good that he has to say.

“Obscure Canadian darkness” is even worse, it is insulting Canadians. Man, you did not do better, did you?

Yeah…agree with you there, I didn’t realise that could be insulting to Canadians. I’ve updated.

By being so obscure you do disservice to your own message too. Please recheck and edit. Currently it is almost trolling.

I too care about climate, and of course would prefer that Peterson continues his more wise activities. And likewise, I would like you to do the same.

Disagree here — while I’m probably being severe in my criticism, it’s a frustrated response/rant to an incredibly important topic, and sometimes, writing in such an emotional way helps to communicate a stronger message.

I write about psychology, philosophy, and society. Also a part-time moose masseuse. Hit me up if you need me to de-knot your elk.

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