Nice article about a difficult subject. I come from a country, the UK, which has a gutter press, which makes nuanced debate on such issues very hard. I recall a man a few years ago who said that he had paedophile tendencies, on which he had not acted, and for which he was seeking help. This strikes me as quite a brave thing to admit to publicly, and, yet, he was still branded as a sick monster. Such responses are hardly going to encourage other potential offenders to come forward.

I’m also from the UK, and despise the press, so much that I wrote an article about it a while back:

suspect neuroscience and psychology will have to progress a lot further before we can make coherent arguments at the level of brain chemistry/computation in support of this view.

Absolutely — I’m excited to see the developments, as the validity of free will has profound implications for society.

I write about psychology, philosophy, and society. Also a part-time moose masseuse. Hit me up if you need me to de-knot your elk.

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