There are thousands of considerations restaurant owners have to take. And they are quite different for different areas and types of restaurants. Taking these considerations and making the right decisions is how they make their living. Neither you nor I have any idea what they should do. And claiming different is a huge unfounded hubris.

Thousands seems an overstatement — I’m well aware that running a business is complex, but I don’t believe that makes any different to the fact that Uber Eats and Deliveroo are charging extortionate commission rates.

But you’re right — I don’t run a restaurant, and aren’t particularly versed in that industry. Some restaurants may be profiting from Uber Eats and Deliveroo, but from the research that I’ve carried out, many aren’t, and the reason is that they’re being charged a commission rate that eats into 100% of their margins (or more). For me, the strength of the argument comes from the restaurant owner’s fear of becoming “invisible” if they don’t use the services, which is a genuine concern when you look at the popularity of the apps. For this reason, Uber Eats and Deliveroo seem to have power over the restaurants, allowing them to keep commission rates high. That seems like exploitation to me.

As for the hubris — perhaps I’m a little out of line suggesting what restaurants and riders should do, but looking at the facts, these food delivery services seem immoral, and so boycotting them an obvious solution.

Why the wages so low? It’s quite obvious. Because there are not a lot of other opportunities allowing people to make some extra money with no barrier to entry (other then having access to a car) and completely flexible schedule allowing to work a few hours here and there when THEY want it.

I’m not convinced that the benefits of working in a gig economy justify a $6 AUD p/hr wage. That’s why delivery riders in Sydney were protesting about it. They want to work in that industry, and they want to reap the benefits, but they also want to be paid more than a pittance. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I write about psychology, philosophy, and society. Also a part-time moose masseuse. Hit me up if you need me to de-knot your elk.

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