What is considered a good word count? I need to end well, and since this is the first of many if there is good response, I have to decide how to lead in to the next one, or am I too long already?

I’d say you’re overthinking it — the word count should be as long as is needed to get your message across. But in saying that, a 3000-word story is less likely to be read.

Regarding the story itself — it’s a little too spiritual for my taste, but that doesn’t mean to say that other people won’t enjoy it. Publish it — what have you got to lose? Even if it gets zero claps, you’ve still had the courage to put yourself out there. The alternative is remaining invisible.

I’m sorry to hear about your son :(

I write about psychology, philosophy, and society. Also a part-time moose masseuse. Hit me up if you need me to de-knot your elk.

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